The Value of Being Human

By Luangpor Thong Abhakaro

Everyone has value within one's self. Some people may understand this, but others may not. Those who don't understand don't pay attention to their own lives and guide themselves, instead, by fate or luck. They aren't aware of the value within themselves and they let themselves suffer. When there is a problem, they can't solve it or find the way out.

One who appreciated his own value would look inside, to study himself, to seek the most valuable thing within. He would quickly find the way to solve the problem and stop his suffering. One must seek for his own value, the way the Buddha taught, in order to find himself, see himself, and realize the value within himself. He should understand how valuable is it to be a human. The Buddha taught that we should find the way to eliminate suffering. We shouldn't let suffering occur. No one wants suffering. 

If one could see one's own self, suffering would decrease or fade away. Therefore, we shouldn't let our mind run wild. We should walk on the same path as the Buddha walked --the Middle Path.

To walk on the middle path means to walk with awareness-attention-wisdom. If we do anything without these qualities, suffering will occur. Because we can't see ourselves or do not understand our responsibilities, there is chaos all over the world.

If we could see the value of ourselves, we would be responsible for ourselves, for our duties, and for our own actions. We wouldn't leave our responsibilities for others, because we would do them with awareness-attention-wisdom. We would love the truth and dare to speak the truth and sacrifice our lives for it.

As the Buddha taught: sacrifice property to keep your organs, sacrifice your organs to keep your life, and sacrifice your life to keep the Dhamma or the Noble Truth.

The Dhamma, or the truth the Buddha sacrificed his life for, is still with us. All of us should keep this valuable thing, or the value that exists within ourselves, to give to our children and the world.