The Practice

The direct way of practicing meditation is being aware of the movement of the body and being aware of the movement of the mind.

The movement is the essence of cultivating self - awareness. If we stay still, when thought arises, we will easily get into it. So we should move part of the body all the time and be aware of the movement. When thought arises, we will see, we will realize.

Luangpor Teean Jittasubho suggested that we move and be aware of the movement all the time. He introduced the technique of cultivating self-awareness while sitting, standing, walking, and lying down as shown in the Movements section below.


Rhythmic Movements

There are certain techniques we use to achieve a goal. Cultivating self-awareness to achive Sati-Samadhi-Panna (Awareness-Attention-Insight) needs technique too.

When practicing, do not sit still. Move rhythmically all the time.

Do not close your eyes.

When you move, know that you are moving.

You can sit in any position on the floor or on a chair; you can stand or lie down.

Be natural. Be simple and just move. Do one movement at a time and know you are moving. Practice comfortably.

Move with ease. Do not concentrate or desire for the results. Move lightly and gently.

Please see below for a detailed explanation of the method.


Movements 1-2
Movements 3-4
Movements 5-6
Movements 7-8
Movements 9-10
Movements 11-12
Movements 13-15

This is a practical way of cultivating self-awareness. We do not have to study the Scriptures because they are only words. Studying the Scriptures is not the way to Enlightenment. This practice is the way to Enlightenment. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.